Take a dang break.

Today I sat in one of the random scattered gazebos on this campus and ate my lunch.

Actually, I do this every day. I walk myself outside across the road from my building, and use that opportunity to kick off my shoes, sit crisscross-applesauce, and read/write while chowing down on my lunch. Last week I noticed I almost daily am dining with a tree full of egrets next to me, or yesterday I watched an osprey catch a fish and I thought to myself “Man, this is so good for me, I’m so grateful I have this outlet

I am a creature of habit for sure, I really rely on routines to keep my mental wellness grounded. I think rituals are pretty important – I’ve had many of a job where I didn’t take a lunch break and now, I see that wasn’t serving me (or my productivity) at all. My husband is one of those types—works through his lunch break or doesn’t eat until like 2 pm because he keeps getting interrupted. I’ve tried to show him that you gotta carve out the time to nurture yourself…everyone deserves some damn peace and quiet!

Back to today- I used my lunch break to eat some delicious dill salmon & kale leftovers, of course. But also, to pull out my gratitude journal and jot down some morning thoughts. I’ve had a very busy morning; I’m holding down the fort for a few days and those are the days when there is fewer moments of still in the office. Add that to the fact that this week I’ve felt ‘some type of way’ for lack of a better way to describe it…there is just an underlying feeling of inadequacy. I know I’m not alone in waking up and just being in that place, so I don’t dwell on that anymore. What I do recognize is that sometimes you gotta acknowledge it, try to resist falling into that mind trap, and look around and see joy in small things. Go on your mundane lunch break and see it through the lens of what a privilege it is. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t leave their desk for lunch, or even go to lunch – I challenge you to change that. Give yourself a break, go outside (if you can), write down something you’re grateful for, read a little, really appreciate the nutrition you’re giving yourself. See what a difference that little reset can do for your day.

I'd love for you to share : What do y'all do to give yourself a break in the workday?


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