Hey Y'all! So Glad You're Here.

Let me just jump right in here and say holy cow! I'm super excited to be here and host your attention for any length of time, so thank you for that. Let's talk about What we're trying to do here. The Heapin' Helpin' has been a brain child of mine for many years - I actually assumed this would remain just that- an idea. Recently I was doing a journal exercise (been doing a. lot of those during #pandemiclife) that triggered an idea that really expanded on my initial vision. So I woke up all jazzed and sent out this email to some of my most favorite women and asked if they would join me on this adventure. And here we are! My vision is that this will be a fun place for you to browse a range of posts from a group of wild, unfiltered, and real women who are looking for a creative outlet. I chose these women because they're incredibly funny and smart, but more importantly- we're all coming from different places in our lives right now and offer a unique voice. In the words of Charles Dickens Come in, and know us better, man! (well he said know me better, but I digress...)

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